Our passion for knitting, our love of nature and our heritage from New Zealand come together in one product

Possum handknitting yarn from Zealana  - the light soft touch of New Zealand!

The possum fibre is hollow. Spun with ethical merino wool it produces a hard wearing yarn with superior heat retaining quality, warmer than cashmere, light and soft. Possum fibre resists pilling and is fluffy. Through the blend with silk or cotton exclusive luxury summer and winter yarns are created.

The brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) was introduced to New Zealand in 1837 to establish the fur industry. As there are no natural predators the number of possums has increased dramatically.

Today well over 60 million possums are munching their way every night through 20.000 tons of New Zealand's native bush. The unique nature of the island is defenseless against possums. They are a serious threat for the ecological balance as well as for many native plants and birds, including the Kiwi, which are under threat of extinction.

The only way to decrease the numbers of possums is to market possum products worldwide. People who care about the unique New Zealand environment should buy possum products. Apart from other conservation groups even the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is supporting the possum elimination programm and recommends to buy possum products to finance these programs. Through the Habitat Protection Fund, WWF has distributed more than NZ$ 1.400.000 to over 150 local conservation projects in New Zealand since 2000.

Woolyarns Ltd., the producer of Zealana yarns, supports since years the Kaori Wildlife Sanctuary near Wellington. The Kaori Wildlife Sanctuary shows on its terrain of 225 ha the preserved original nature of New Zealand. http://www.sanctuary.org.nz/

New Zealand possum fur blended with merino wool is a luxurious, warm, soft, antistatic and anti-allergic fibre. An affordable luxury for everyone. By buying possum yarns you will help to maintain the environment.